Departamento de Ciencia de Materiales

Departamento de Ciencia de Materiales

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
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Biological Materials and Biomaterials

Departamento de Ciencia de Materiales
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Research Activity

The study of mechanical behavior of materials of biological origin is of great interest from a basic standpoint, and to assess whether nature in its evolution over millions of years, has found optimal solutions to improve the mechanical properties of the materials that may have not yet been developed for synthetic materials.

In biological materials the separation between the role of material and structure, present in most synthetic designs does not exist. Structures and materials are well integrated into living beings. The hierarchical organization of the structure at different scales (nano, micro, meso and macro) is inherent to most biological systems. The hierarchically organized materials design is a very important conceptual advance and biological materials are wonderful models for the design of new structures with excellent performance.

There is also an additional interest in studying these materials, and is that all the material synthesis process is performed at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. This is extraordinarily favorable conditions from the point of view-economic and processing for the manufacture of any material difficult to obtain in current industrial processes.